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September 16th 2018 at Sports Academy (Thousand oaks)

Dropzone is a charity Video Game Tournament! The event will feature, hit video game, “Fortnite: Battle Royale.” Competitors everywhere welcome. The event will feature PRO-Gamers, Food, Music and more!



Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 12.22.16 PMThis tournament was created to help out our community, by supporting Community Conscience, a local non-profit 501c charity. Community Conscience ensures there is a facility in the area where people in need can find multiple services in one location at no cost by providing rent-free office space to 13 nonprofits.  These individual programs help seniors, adults, children, and infants, as well as the homeless, disabled, those with legal issues, medical and dental problems, grief, food insecurity, and finding employment.  Annually over 40,000 people seek assistance from the agencies at the Human Services Center.

We want to bring gaming into a positive spotlight. Video games are a social entertainment platform which inspire us to do and become more. This event is a great opportunity for youth and adults alike to come together and make a positive impact. Video Games have made a big impact on the charity scene as of late and I’d love to expand this influence into our local communities.

You can find out more about the charity organization, Community Conscience, here:

Event Details:

The DropZone charity tournament will be an all day event starting at 11am and ending at 5pm. It will be held in the Sports Academy’s E-Sports arena. The event is broken into two parts; Pool Play and, Head to Head/Pro tournament play. The night will also be broken up by Raffles, Food, and Music between rounds. This event is a Fundraiser first but, there will be fantastic prizes donated to win in tournament play, as well as the first annual DropZone Trophy!!


All entrants are accepted into Pool Play for a flat entry fee.  This segment is a score based tournament, participants each play in battle royal games and are individually scored. Players are compared by scores in a number of rounds until only the top 5 players scores remain. The top 5 participants receive either a prize, or they can forfeit their prize for instant entry into the Head to Head/Pro tournament.


The head to head tournament is a Bracket style tournament, to enter into this tournament the entrant must individually raise funds for the event. Minimum $250.00 USD funds raised for entry. Those who raise money (Sponsored Players) compete directly against each-other and Professional Battle Royale Gamers in this tournament. This tournament will feature Pro-Gamers who will be competing both live and online, via Twitch.  (PRO-Gamers must contact us for entry.)

Official Rule Guide:

Below we have included an official set of rules which are to be used at the DropZone Tournament. Please review this document briefly. OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT RULE GUIDE V1.1

Sponsored Players Click here to find out how to fundraise your entry fee!!

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Become a Sponsor!

Want to become an Event Sponsor and help us make a great event and advertise yourself or business!? You can download the Sponsor Registration Form HERE! Email us the filled sponsorship PDF and we can direct you to donate to community conscience via Cash, Check, PayPal or prize donation! Get involved in the E-sports industry! Email: Phone: (805-551-5181)


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