The Lawless Mondays Development LLC is a video game company, built to design/publish games as well as to promote gaming as a whole. The company’s goals are to publish multiple game titles as well as gain a following in the gaming community. We produce PC games, Board games, Collectable Card Games, T-shirts, Accessories for gaming, and we have a Youtube and Twitch channel for creating gaming related content. The best part about us is that we are a family of gamers and we want you to join us and help mold our company.

You can join The Lawless Mondays Mob in many ways; you can begin following/subscribing our content on this website and our social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.), participate in poles to help guide our game design process, you can buy awesome Lawless Mondays T-shirts and merch, or just hop into our Twitch streams for raffles and gaming fun.

Founder: Matthew Sahakian,

Matthew is the creative mind behind our company; he is a Game Developer and artist who cut his teeth developing his first game as a Lead Artist for Above: The fallen, which can be played on steam. He fell in love with gaming at a young age and knew he wanted to become a game developer. But, his aspirations didn’t stop at game art or development. A new market was forming around gaming and he wanted to get on top of it. Twitch tv has become an example of how successful the game culture can be. Hundreds of people make their living playing games, but why stop there? Matthews’ goal is to unite gamers and create a gaming brand, which can be trusted to produce quality games, merchandise and content to suit the needs of every gamer.

“I want to create a family of gamers who, love games and stick together. Gaming is more than sitting alone behind a screen pressing buttons. When you game together consistently, you become family.”